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Sea Urchin Farm produces sea urchins from the west coast of Norway. The type is called “Drøbak kråkeboller” in Norwegian. It is widly recognised as one of the most attractive and tastefull sea urchins around. The Latin name is Strongylocentrotus

Our target customers are Gourmet Seafood Restaurants and sushi bars in Norway and Europe.

The sea urchins are hatched and farmed under carefully controlled conditions guaranteeing a high quality product.

Effective transportation and distribution are ensured by cooperation with transporters of salmon from Norway and high quality local distributors, e.g Armara at Rungis/ Paris to ensure efficient distribution and high quality of sea urchins upon arrival at the restaurants. The sea urchins are packed in chilled isopor boxes and transported to our customers in cooled containers.

Our product use fother based on natural ingredients. We therefore claim that our product is healthy – We know what they are eating! Combined with the use of deep sea clean water and careful control of all critical parameters, we ensure no parasites and traceability of deliveries Sea Urchin Farm represents sustainable and environment friendly aquaculture.

We deliver sea urchins of 40-50 gram. The edible content is varying but typically 25% of total weight.

Terms and conditions are agreed directly with our customer.

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