About us

Our vision is to deliver live gourmet quality sea urchins to the high-end market in Europe.

The history of the company goes back to the beginning of the century and brave ideas at a local high school in the western part of Norway educating students to sea farming professionals. The company was established in 2007 under the name Sea Urchin Farm.

The availability of entrepreneurial professionals, patient capital, the very proactive management of the High School, considerable contribution from the local community and Innovasjon Norge have made the development possible.

It took us some time to solve the technical challenges, for example the metamorphosis whereby the larvaes in the pelagic state converts to seabed animals. Control and management of the whole value chain is slowly gained through testing, failing and learning

by doing. We are therefore proud to present the product commercially. Sales started in the fall of 2014. Our target is to focus on a few selected, collaborative customers in the first phase and expand along with gained experience and feedback.

Our production premises are on Finn√ły, an island on the western brink of Norway facing the high seas of the Atlantic Ocean. The aquaculture process takes place indoor. We use water from the deep fjords ensuring extremely clean water and control the critical parametres like temperature, light, feed and density of the animals.

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